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Rsync in Yocto

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I bought a ConnectorCore 6 Plus Development Kit recently and new to Yocto.
As for sbc such as BBB or Raspi, to install Rsync is rather simple. The ConnectCore 6+ is installed whith Yocto images from Digi.

"Cannot run Rsync, no such command. Please install Rsync on your target device."

Note : the board connected with RS232(USB to 232), ethernet to PC (ubuntu 18.04) and wireless.

I need Rsync:

How to i install Rsync ?
asked Apr 26, 2021 in Linux by simonongsk New to the Community (4 points)

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1 Answer

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just add rsync to conf/local.conf and bitbake your own images:
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " rsync"

answered Apr 27, 2021 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,411 points)
     Do I need this CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "openssh"?
I think openssh is already included by default but not sure, you'd have to check.
May i know where can i check if openssh is already installed?
are you able to ssh into your board? if so, that it obviously has openssh. The default images do have it.
Otherwise you can always chack what packages are in your build using:
bitbake -g <image> && cat pn-buildlist | grep -ve "native" | sort | uniq
grep that on ssh and see what you get.
lol, stupid me.
"Otherwise you can always chack what packages are in your build using:
bitbake -g <image> && cat pn-buildlist | grep -ve "native" | sort | uniq"

the problem is i am using prebuilt images for 6+.

Do you know where can i get the Digi sdk for 6+ to build with rsync?

you don't want to just build rsync, you want to build your own yocto images that include rsync. to do so please follow this guide:

if you still want a pre-built SDK for whatever reason, you can find it on cc6p documentation page:

under Development Software and Sample Code section