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OpenVPN cloud on IX series

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I am trying to use the OpenVPN cloud service to connect two Digi IX series routers as clients to the cloud server. I am able to attach connectors and establish the connection.
The problem I face is that the ethernet (ETH) interface of both routers has to be connected to something (even if simply to a switch) to be able to ping or access these devices as a remote user. I cannot understand if this is an interface issue or something else.
It would be helpful if someone with better VPN knowledge could replicate this using OpenVPN CLOUD (Not access server). Also shine some light on the mistakes I'm making. I configured the firewall as internal with no NAT and directly added the subnets of routers to be associated with VPN on the cloud settings.
asked Jun 2, 2021 in Digi Connect Cellular by DarETM New to the Community (0 points)

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