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Comunication X24-019 and X24-009

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Hello Guys,

I am wondering if some one has experience using X24-019 and X24-009 for sending messages between each other...

I have tried already doing the configuration but it is not working and it is frustrating... that It work properly between X24-009 and X24-009... but not between X24-019 and X24-019 or X24-009 and X24-019.

Thanks for the support. [B-)]
asked Mar 28, 2012 in XStream by Luna1979 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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The X24-019 will not communicate with the X09-009. The over the air data rates are different (19200 bps vrs 9600 bps)

If you cannot get X24-019 to communicate with another X24-019. The reasons could be various. I would start by setting both back to factory defaults and set your PC or device interface baud rate to 19,200 bps.
answered Jun 6, 2013 by Jay New to the Community (32 points)