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Serial over IP, ConnectPort or PortServer

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We currently use ConnectPort TS16 devices to host 4 serial data inputs to our VM environment, using the Realport protocol. We are researching replacing these devices due to hardware age (5 year refresh cycle) and we are wondering what the differences are between ConnectPort and PortServer? Do they do the same thing? Is one platform older/newer than the other? What platform fits best for our use case?

We are a 911 center, and we have Serial data feeds that need to be mapped to COM ports within the virtual machine, so the application can see and use the data. These feeds are connected to our ConnectPort TS16, and the drivers are installed on 3 servers that load balance the application. Recommendations on the appropriate replacement for our devices and use case are appreciated.

Thank you,

Phil Duncan
asked Jul 7, 2021 in Serial Servers by pduncan New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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The ConnectPort TS 16 had its first firmware release 2001-09-05.


The PortServer TS 16 had its first firmware release February 9, 2007.


Digi have rationalised their products over time and the PortServer TS 16 is no longer available.

The latest serial range is available here:

They are all much of a muchness in regards to realport in that all products have been around for years and are currently being updated.

I am not aware of any new serial servers coming to the market nor am I aware of any major firmware updates bringing Digi's latest operating system it it.

If you are looking for the latest products have a look at the new Anywhere USB Plus https://www.digi.com/products/networking/infrastructure-management/usb-connectivity/usb-over-ip/anywhereusb

You could add a USB RS-232 adapter and use the latest OS (and features IPv6 etc).

Digi also acquired Opengear which may have a product that can do the job but they are premium products https://opengear.com/

Saying this, serial data feeds to 3 redundant servers sounds like there maybe configuration specific requirements so I would personally just stick with the ConnectPort and put some on the shelf for cold standby.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT
answered Jul 8, 2021 by NicholasYourIoT Veteran of the Digi Community (271 points)