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FTDI drivers not working on Windows XP

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I am hoping someone on this forum has a bit of experience with my problem and may be able to give me a solution.

I am working on an old windows XP machine and I am going to be using it to program atmel ICs via a FTDI cable.

The issue is that when I plug the FTDI cable into the machine windows tries to install the drivers and warns me that the driver does not pass the windows logo testing. I click continue anyway and then when it finishes it says that windows cannot load the device drivers for this hardware.

I have looked on the FTDI website and they have a PDF which tries to explain how to install the drivers on XP which I have followed but it still ends up giving me the same error.

Here is the FTDI Guide:


Please can anyone lend some advice on what I can do?

Thank you
asked Jul 14, 2021 in USB Serial by noraid New to the Community (0 points)

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