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Failed to run sample program apix-gpio-sample on CC6 SBC.

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I tried to build and run the apix-gpio-sample on CC6 SBC (CC-SB-WMX-J97C-1).
But I failed with the following error messages from the Eclipse remote terminal window:

libsoc-warn: Invalid number: gpio2,5
libsoc-warn: Invalid number: gpio2,2
Unable to parse button and led GPIOs

The following functions of the program return -1.
button = parse_argument(argv[1]);
led = parse_argument(argv[2]);

Defined in /etc/libdigiapix.conf as follows :
# USER LED (RED) - GPIO02_I002
USER_LED = gpio2,2

USER_BUTTON = gpio2,5

The response of "gpioinfo gpio2":
line 2: unnamed unused input active-high
line 5: unnamed unused input active-high

I do not know what is wrong.
asked Jul 26, 2021 in Other/Legacy by Toshiaki Kojima New to the Community (2 points)

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