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Module directly moves into sleep mode, with DIO8 set to reset

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Hello Folks,

We are working with XBEE3 cellular module for CAT M1 and Nb-IoT with external controller chip stm32 for our application.

Very strange behaviour I am getting with the module, I set SM = 1 (to take control of sleep mode through DIO8 pin).

By default state of DIO8 is RESET (Device should be On) and it is on and does cloud communication. Also that time I am monitoring the DIO9 pin to check whether the device is in Sleep or On.

Suddenly after 3 min, even without changing the DIO8 state, DIO9 resets and the device moves in sleep mode, but the DIO8 state is still RESET.

And even after exiting the script (CTRL+C) and run the script(CTRL+R) again. The device still not gives us any response to commands.

Let me write my understanding for sleep mode.
1) If I set SM=1 and when I set DIO8. (Module will be in sleep mode) DIO9 state should be LOW.
2) If i set SM=1, and if i change the DIO8 to RESET (Module should be in Normal mode or it should wakeup) DIO9 state should be HIGH.

asked Aug 13, 2021 in Digi Connect Cellular by Reenq New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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What is the value of the D8 command?
answered Aug 13, 2021 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,320 points)

It is configured as Sleep_Req pin to take control of sleep and wake-up mode.
As it is output, i write that value as high or low depending on sleep mode or normal mode, same time i read that value as well to check the value is set or not.
This is what i guess, you asked for. It is directly connected with pin, no pull up or pull down resistor is connected.

The sleep request pin is an Input pin. Not an output.
Yes, it is input pin. wrong typo.
MCU can assert or deassert. Right?
If I set that pin. Module should go into sleep mode.
If i reset(low state) the pin, it should be awake.
Yes your Micro should be controlling that line. Low should be GND or 0V.

Sleep is active LOW (0V)

Thanks for your responses!
Some other pins are affecting it. It is solved now.
Thanks again.