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XBEE S2 (XB24-ZB) XCTU configuration

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Good Evening. I would like to know about the xctu configuration XBEE S2. I watched several videos about it but I haven't achieved to solve my problem. I'm tryind to use AT remote command with 2 xbee's:
1 xbee is a coordinator in mode API 1 (It is connected to an arduino uno with a Xbee shield )
1 xbee is a router in mode AT (It's connected to my computer with a USB adapter)
I have trying with a code in Arduino but I don't get results. I'm trying to get RSSI from router as a Remote AT command Response (0x97) and the coordinator send a Remote AT command (0x17). But the coordinator recieve IO Data sample rx indicator (0x92). I'm not sure If I haven't made a right setup in the xbee's or it'll be the arduino code. For that reason, I'm asking about the xbee s2 (xb24-z7wit) setup.
asked Dec 6, 2021 in ConnectWare Manager by newbie22 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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This is an issue with your code. You only need to send a remote AT command to read the DB value.
answered Dec 8, 2021 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)