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Portserver TS 2, DNP not working

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I have a DNP Ehternet master communicating to an serial RTU successfully, with a ConnectPort TS 16. I'm attempting to copy the exact setup, but using a Portserver TS 2. The "Connections" log in the Portserver shows "Connected From" the IP of the DNP master, but the "Connected To" column is "Logging In", for 13 TTY's. I can disconnect them if I chose. The ConnectPort shows a "Connected To" "serial 16" for the serial connection from port 16. What is Logging In, for DNP communications?
asked Dec 17, 2021 in Portserver TS by ron.mingo New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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I got it to work. The missing piece was I had Reverse TCP disabled, to have the PortServer resemble my working connection with a ConnectPort, but once enabled DNP comms worked immediately.
The connections (under Session Management) still shows 10 "Logging In" sessions, but now 1 connection for my RTU connected to serial port 1.
answered Dec 22, 2021 by ron.mingo New to the Community (1 point)