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WR11XT - can't figure out why gmail (really all google services except google search) is being blocked by firewall

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I have a number for WR11XT modems that all have a similar set of stateful packet inspection rules at all sites. So far as I can tell I'm allowing all outbound traffic with statful inspection... and I have various rules for inbound traffic where there isn't an outboud request...

outboud I use:
pass out break end inspect-state

I don't have any other "specific" rules to allow "google/gmail" traffic inbound...

At most locations this works fine, I'm able to use gmail, google docs, hangouts, etc in chrome. However there are a few locations where gmail just doesn't work and I get ERR_TIMED_OUT from the web browser. All locations are using Verizon... and locations are spread across the US (CA, CO, IA, TX, ME, MD, OR, PA, etc).

Any ideas?
asked 6 days ago in Digi TransPort Cellular by plhandley New to the Community (1 point)

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2 Answers

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The simplest test to see if it is your firewall rules is to turn off the firewall (ppp 1 firewall off) and then run your tests again before turning the firewall back on (ppp 1 firewall on).

My next suggestion would be to upgrade the router firmware and confirm you are running the latest firmware on the cellular module as well. There have been a variety of throughput fixes in some recent firmware which may or may not fix this issue.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT
answered 6 days ago by NicholasYourIoT Seasoned Professional (204 points)
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Sorry... I should indicated that, indeed, turning off firewall fixes the issue. I'm seeing guidance on how I might solve the problem with the firewall enabled. It seems like the outbound stateful inspection rule (pass out break end inspect-state) isn't enough and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on other ports I need to open or ???
answered 5 days ago by plhandley New to the Community (1 point)