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Putty to Realport

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I have a Connectport LTS 16 that I am trying to connect to from a new Windows 2019 server. I have found the RealPort software and installed that software to use COM11 (TCP 771). I have also tried that software to install UDP serial to 2101 (COM10) and tried to install COM12 as TCP 2101 because I have a serial port to modem at 2101. All three of these connections result in Network Errors when I try to connect to those COM ports using Putty. I do not have a network firewall issue because I see them as accepted connections, so there has to be something on the ConnectPort that I am missing. I have included those ports (TCP 771, UDP 2101, TCP 2101) in the firewall on the ConnectPort also.
asked Jan 14 in Realport by aclausscg New to the Community (0 points)

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