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Jeremy, good afternoon. Can you help with this problem? I also entered the password and now I can't log in to the device. Can you update the link to the files?
related to an answer for: Reset password on AnywhereUSB?
asked Feb 1 in USB Serial by SergeyTver New to the Community (0 points)

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AdministrationAnywhereUSB 2/5/5M/14/TS44 User Guide 48Factory default settingsThere are several ways to reset the device configuration of an AnywhereUSB device to the factory default settings: from the web UI, using the boot command from the command line, and using the Reset button on the front panel.The Reboot from the web UI and boot command are soft resets, while the Reset button/signal method is a hard reset.Restoring the AnywhereUSB to its factory default settings clears all current configuration settings. In addition, any files loaded into the device through the File Management page are also removed. If the Keep network settings checkbox is checked, the network settings will not be reset. Using the restore operation from the web UI is the best way to reset the configuration. Before performing the restore operation, back up the settings using the Backup/Restore operation to save the current configuration in case you want to restore it at a later time.
answered Feb 8 by sipan New to the Community (5 points)