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BL2000, how to read thermocouples

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BL2000, has 9 A/D convertor, but ADC0-3 is for -10.24V to +10.24V, ADC4-8 is for 0V to +49V.
What should I add to converter them read thermocouples? I need to read 6 of thermocouples. Then do PWM control.

asked May 26 in Rabbit by seraph New to the Community (2 points)

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You need to use what's called a temperature transmitter to convert a thermocouple signal to 0-10V.
answered May 26 by mutantworm New to the Community (42 points)
selected May 26 by seraph
This sounds like the right choice.  You'd need a high-precision ADC to read the thermocouple's mV output.  The BL2000 was designed for measuring larger voltage ranges.
Thanks for you two.
As a matter of fact, I got the quote for a transmitter, close to $500, and I will need 3 of them, feel not worth it.
May need to find other board which can take thermocouples inputs