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Digi EX50 - Wrong APN listed in Modem on latest Firmware

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Hi Support Team,

i have multiple Digi EX50 running with the same listing under Modem.
The ISP used is "Telekom.de" which is MCC: 262 MNC:01 but under Modem under connection status the APN is listed as "event.vodafone.de".

I highly doubt that this APN is used as Vodafone and Telekom are direct competitors on the market. The connection still works but i have to leave auto select in APN under modem active.

Another issue i have is that the IPv6 interface on the modem side is stuck with status "Pending".
Address, Gateway, MTU is listed as "N/A". Only IPv4 seems to be used. Im running the latest available firmware for the EX50. Modem firmware is still "".

There is a "" listed for the Modem. But im not upgrading to this firmware unless i can get a confirmation that it is stable. I have yet to find a changelog.
asked Jun 16 in Linux by mtrkulja New to the Community (0 points)

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