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S2C does not start in transparent mode. Looks like a bootloader.

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I have two XBee S2C modules and I'm working through an online course. When I power up or reset these modules, XCTU can't find them. Using a terminal program, I found that I could talk to them, and they are in some kind of monitor or shell. I discovered by experimenting, some behaviors:
a - prints "Unknown"
v - prints the version (which says BL032-2@0-033_064 by the way)
t - prints a sequentially incrementing digit each time t is pressed (0 through 7)
f - prints CCC... which looks like an xmodem prompt
b - Puts the module into transparent mode (or presumably whatever it was configured as)

So I can manually use the serial app (even the one in XCTU) to talk to the board, press 'b' and then exit, after which I can get XCTU to find it and use it normally. If something resets it (like some Write operations) it gets stuck again and I have to do this over.

No one else out there seems to have this issue (so here I am asking).
XCTU version is Version: 6.5.11 Build ID: 20220907-1
Firmware in module is "ZIGBEE TH Reg" and 4061
The USB adapter board is a Sparkfun WRL 11812 This has a USB Mini (not micro--so that's why they were in stock) and I'm wondering if some pin could be set in an unexpected direction.

My question, of course, is, how can I make these modules behave like everyone else's?
Or, what do we know about boot options (pin strapping) for the S2C?
asked Nov 9 in RF Solutions and XBee by gbarry New to the Community (2 points)

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2 Answers

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These sound like they are Programmable module and not standard module. What is the full part number from the module? It should be something like XB24CZ7SIT-004
answered Nov 10 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)
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The part number is XB24CZ7WI TB003
Shouldn't XCTU be smart enough to connect to these?
Is there a real datasheet that e.g., explains the function of each pin? And a guide to the "programmable" features?
answered Nov 10 by gbarry New to the Community (2 points)