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Error when programming DC-ME4-01T-S module

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We had been using the old part DC-ME-01T-S and programming with the dev kit board part #50000868-02 using tftp.
Since old parts are out of stock now we are trying to use DC-ME4-01T-S instead. When we program this new part with same firmware using tftp, by entering commands in the rs232 menu of the dev kit board, we get error "Image does not support this hardware platform. Loaded Image is Invalid!"

Do we have to update anything in the firmware to make this compatible? or do we have to get a new programmer board?
asked Nov 17 in NET+OS by gauthm_nti New to the Community (1 point)
recategorized Nov 18 by gauthm_nti

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1 Answer

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this is plug and play module and you are trying to program non-plug-and-play firmware, probably a very old Netos image. This is not supported and will not work. There was a bug in DC-ME-01T-S that allowed to do that. DC-ME4-01T-S has newer fimrware that does not have this bug. It checks that the image you trying to program is a valid plug-and-play image for this platform.
answered Nov 20 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,490 points)
selected 6 days ago by gauthm_nti
It is a very old Netos image. It all makes sense now. Thanks