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dc-sp-01-c recovery

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Now that the DC-SP-01-C is discontinued, I have a number of devices that I am trying to preserve for spares and replacements. Each one is a valuable resource.

Two of the units were apparently DOA and a third just died following uploading of the AP. I have 4 APs that I load according to the functionality required; these are long term stable and I have performed the configuration many many dozens of times, and there are many dozens of the devices deployed for periods of many years.

I have tried the recovery procedure at:
but in all cases there is no sign of life at the serial port no matter how long I keep the reset button pressed for. So I have two questions:

- Can I deduce from this that the it is a hardware failure, and/or
- Is there anything else I can do to determine and remedy the situation.

Many thanks for any interest..

asked 6 days ago in Serial Servers by denville New to the Community (2 points)

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