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newbie question re Python libs on Connectport X2, X4

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I understand that Digi's Python interpreter for the ConnectPort X2/X4 is still 2.4.x Correct?
And the libraries I see are dated 2008 in a zip file. Aren't there newer ones?

There's a Digi app note:
saying ftplib.py exists in the Digi baseline.
It's not present in the X2 and X4 I'm using.

The ftplib.py that's on the python.org site depends on Python 2.6 and later.
Any way to find/use an ftplib.py that's compatible with Python 2.4?

Apologies for the dumb newbie questions. I have been able to get a 1200 lines of code Python program doing high message rate XBee S1 messaging to run well.

But I'll be darned if I can find on the website, info on how to download Python interpreter and library updates from Digi. It's likely there, but the needle in the haystack so far evades me.
asked Oct 25, 2012 in Python by stevech New to the Community (17 points)

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3 Answers

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Here's a link to python 2.4.3 on their website, maybe you could grab ftplib.py from there?


answered Oct 26, 2012 by cpopp Seasoned Professional (151 points)
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Was able to back-convert ftplib.py so it will run on Python 2.4.3 - as an FTP client.
answered Nov 10, 2012 by stevech New to the Community (17 points)
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Have you tried the Digi ESP for Python? It is a Python development environment specially designed for the Digi products (such as the Connectport X2, X4, etc.).

When building a project it automatically zips all the Python modules needed by your project but that are not present in the remote device and uploads the zip to the ConnectPort. When you execute the project in the device, all the modules contained in the zip are added to the Python sources path of the ConnectPort, so your application is able to use them.

This IDE can save you a lot of time. If you are interested you can download it from here:


answered Nov 13, 2012 by diegoe New to the Community (44 points)