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Hi Raoul,
We never ended up trying Mender in our project. When we tried to add Docker we ran in to two problems: The NAND flash was too small on the Express version so we changed to the Pro version (which has 1 GB NAND), and also the flash process ended in reboot loop. We saw that it was when the flash script tried to flash the Update partition, so we did it manually by following this guide:

at step 9 in the guide above we skipped the update partition and just typed "boot" instead.
That is unfortunately all I can tell you since I do not work in the project anymore.
Dec 12, 2018 by johannes
Hi Johannes, I saw your post on the mender subject. I'm also trying to get mender working on the CC6UL SBC but I'm stuck when rebooting the nand gets corrupted. Did you manage to do it? Thanks, Greetings Raoul
Dec 12, 2018 by raoul