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Thanks for getting back, I'm new to this field. You say that code was the key to your success; I'll explain my set up, and perhaps you can spot the solution.

I am trying to send RTCM GPS messages from a (Ublox F9P receiver module (base) to another F9P ***** module via a pair Xbee's. I tested the wired message transfer successfully with a wired connection between the UART ports of the two F9P modules. Then I set the baud rate of my pair of Xbee's (by using Digi's XCTU software) to be the same as the pair of F9P's. With just the pair of Xbee's plugged into my laptop via a Sparkfun Explorer USB adapters, I can send text messages between them via XCTU's console log. However when I connect the sending F9P UART (TX) output to a Xbee DIN terminal, there is no activity on the XCTU console log, and the ***** F9P is not receiving the messages. Both the F9P and Xbee run at 3.3V.
Do you have any ideas why the F9P UART output is not received on the Xbee XCTU console?
Apr 22 by RicDG
Hi Lloyd
I'm having a similar problem that you had back in 2017, namely I can't send my GPS data via Xbee. Please let me know if you can recall how you solved the issue.
Apr 22 by RicDG