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Wall for mvut

Feliks, that part of the product is accessed via the Device Cloud or Digi Remote manager.
Sep 8, 2017 by mvut
Dear Eric!
Earlier I asked about a problem: When I clicking in the web interface of the Digi ConnectPort X2e Zigbee HSPA 3G Cellular (X2E-Z3C-H2-W) the link "XBee network" I receive the response: "/xbee_devices.html was not found on this server".
When i received my Gateway the Firmware Version was I have at once upgraded Firmware to for XBee Gateway - ZigBee (Cellular) (FORMERLY CONNECTPORT X2E ZB).
Can you help me to solve this problem?
Best regards! Feliks.
Sep 8, 2017 by felhol