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Full name: [Pokemon GO Hack 2020]: SPOOFER + JOYSTICK Pokemon GO Spoofing iOS & Android [NO ROOT]
Location: Pokemon Go Hack
Website: https://wtch.live/pokespoofing
About: [Pokemon GO Hack 2020]: SPOOFER + JOYSTICK Pokemon GO Spoofing iOS & Android [NO ROOT]...[NEW] Pokemon Go Hack + Pokemon Go Spoofing ((IOS & ANDROID)) Tutorial Get Pokemon Joystick Hack + Teleport..Pokemon GO Hack: SPOOFER

How to Auto-Walk for Free in iSpoofer
Before the setup, remember to set the walking speed reasonable (for example: = < 6km/h)
Turn on Guided Access in the Settings/Accessibility.
Go to Pokemon GO app.
Hold down joystick in your desired direction and DO NOT remove your finger throughout the entire setup process.
Triple-click the physic home button (side button on iPhones without a home button) to setup Guided Access with your other hand’s finger (starts holding the dragged joystick).
When the Guided Access UI pops up, tap Options in the bottom-left corner and turn off Touch (still holding the finger).
Tap Done then tap Start in the top-right corner (still hoding the finger).
Input a passcode with your other hand, and confirm the passwords (still holding the finger).
Once the Guided Access Started overlay appears you can remove your finger from the screen
You can turn off whenever you want by pressing 3 times on the home button for hatching new eggs, checking walking distance, etc.
If you want to repeat the autowalk again, simply drag the joystick and hold and press the home button 3 times again at the same time, the sequence will start and you don’t have to repeat the whole process above again.
Sometime later, iSpoofer’s popup will appears because “wait, that’s illegal!”. You can leave it be and it has no effect to you. The sequence is still going.
Remember to let the phone screen “always on” because after the popup, some minutes later the screen will be dimmed automatically by your phone default setting. If you can’t do the quick check of the phone while leaving it auto-walking, disable the function in your phone setting
If you accidently mess up the whole process and want to restart, simply go to the Setting/Accessibility, switch off the Guided Access and turn it on again. Then, proceed to do the setup steps above.
This method is currently working with the latest version of the spoofing app.

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