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Remote Manager Accounts: Developer Edition and Subscribed Edition Protocols


In order to provide the most available and secure platform to our Remote Manager users, we have a number of protocols in place for both Free and Subscribed accounts to safeguard against "rogue" devices which could potentially affect the services we provide to our customers. Some of these protocols may affect the way you use Remote Manager.

Users who sign up for a Developer Edition account have access to all features and functionality available within Remote Manager; however there are limits and in some cases, throttling, imposed on those features.  Outlined below are the current protocols in use, to help you understand the functionality available to you with a free Developer Edition account.

Developer Edition account

General Limit

Devic?e Limits

  • Maximum of 5 devices in the Devices section of Device Management
  • Maximum of 10 devices in the XBee Networks section of Device Management (includes embedded XBee on a Gateway
  • Devices throttled to 1 transaction every 5 seconds
  • Maximum of 3K transactions per device per month
  • Maximum of 30 SMS messages per device per month
  • Maximum of 20 configured alarms per account

Web Services Limits

  • Maximum of 20K web services transactions per month
  • Web Services transactions throttled to 180 per minute (1 second interval with a limit of 3 requests concurrently)

Limits related to Long-term Storage (Data Streams)

  • Data in long-term storage retained for 1 month
  • Rollup data retained for 1 month
  • Maximum of 3,600 data points inserted per hour, per device
  • Maximum of 30k total data points inserted per month
  • Maximum of 64KB per data point upload
  • Maximum of 250 data points per upload
  • Maximum of 2K bytes per Data Point (binary Data Point maximum of 64K)

Limits related to FileData

  • 12 uploads per device per hour
  • Max 2MB per device every 4 hours

Subscribed Edition Device Cloud accounts

Limits related to Long-term Storage (Data Streams)

Standard & Platform Editions

  • Data in long-term storage retained for 1 month
  • Rollup data retained for 3 months

Premier Edition

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Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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