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Digi International Device Cloud/Remote Manager Notice: November 23, 2015 - End use of Etherios domain names in device configurations

On 23 November, 2015, Digi International sent out an email with the following guidance:

With the recent sale of Etherios to West Monroe Partners, Digi International no longer owns the domains or  As a result, we strongly encourage all Device Cloud (or Remote Manager) users to reconfigure any devices or applications currently using either of those domain names.

  • If your application or devices use either or for access to Device Cloud or Remote Manager, use in the device's configuration instead.  
  • If your devices are using for NTP time sync services, use in the configuration instead.
  • If you use NTP pool servers in your NTP Server configuration and can be used.

Please keep in mind that this guidance does not affect the url to use for login to either Digi Device Cloud or Remote Manager, this only applies to the configuration within the device itself.  The login URLs for Digi Device Cloud and Remote Manager are as follows:

Digi Device Cloud login:
Digi Remote Manager login:

West Monroe Partners has agreed to maintain the two login and time hostnames on  until end of June 2016; however, Digi cannot guarantee availability around those hostnames, nor do we have any control over DNS issues (should any arise).

We request that you check your devices for  you make these changes as quickly as possible, in order to ensure continuity of service.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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