Electrostatic discharge resistance specification

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ElectroStatic Discharge ESD immunity

The 9XSTREAM, 9XCITE, and 24XSTREAM have been passed IEC1000-4-2, Level 4 testing using a Schaffner NSG435A ESD simulator in contact discharge mode. On the OEM modules, only the antenna port was tested. None of the 11 pins on the 11 pin header were tested; however, all external connections on the XIB-R (XIBR) and XIB-U (XIBU) were tested against the same standard.

Level 4 means that a test voltage of +/-8 kV was used. Contact discharge means that the tip of the ESD gun was in direct electrical contact with the center conductor of the RPSMA connector. Going beyond the Level 4 requirement, we tested the RPSMA up to +/-9 kV -the highest voltage the NSG435A will provide. These tests indicate the products will ensure high resistance against static electricity and other sources of electrical shock.

Additionally, the 9XSTREAM was tested on a lightning simulator. The discharge actually blew the shunt inductor off the board without affecting the RX sensitivity.


Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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