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HOW TO: Better manage Digi-created serial printer devices in AIX 8 using "tty" serial devices instead of "lp"

In order to point a created print queue at a tty device, you will need to perform the following steps:


1. Create a generic print queue in AIX for an unused port (This creates an lp device for that port)

2. Create a tty for a different port in the same SA (This is the tty the printer will actually run on)

3. Use vi to edit file /etc/qconfig. You should see an entry for whatever name you gave the print queue (for example, this queue is called myprinter on lp3)

The entry will look something like this:

            device = lp3

lp3:     file = /dev/lp3
         ...other stuff

4. Edit the qconfig file and replace lp3 with the name of the tty that was created in step 2 (ex. tty5)

The entry should look similar to this after editing:

            device = tty5

tty5:     file = /dev/tty5
         ...other stuff

5. Save and exit the qconfig file.

6. In order for the change to take effect, the print queue daemon must be stopped and restarted with the following commands:

stopsrc -s qdaemon (stops the queue)
startsrc -s qdaemon (restarts the queue)

The print queue is now running on the tty device rather than the lp device, and can be managed as such. The port that the lp device had been created for can be reused for something else by deleting the lp if needed.
Last updated: May 20, 2019

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