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HOW TO: Create a free 5-device Device Cloud Developer Edition account

The Digi Device Cloud is a cloud-based device management platform that allows you to connect any device to any application, anywhere.  Device Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage many devices quickly and effectively as well as insight into the health and current state of your entire device network.

Device Cloud features include:
  • Simplified device management, with fast access to all of your device networks
  • Real-time device messaging via SMS, Iridium satellite, and other services
  • Alarms and notifications for events and state changes
  • Task scheduling such as automated firmware updates
  • Data storage services for wired and wireless networks
  • APIs for simple application integration
  • Cellular carrier subscription management
  • A Cloud Connector application for quickly and easily connecting devices to Device Cloud

A free 5-device Developer Edition account can be created by clicking the big FREE DEVELOPER EDITION ACCOUNT button at the Digi Device Cloud product page.
Last updated: Mar 25, 2019

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