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HOW TO: Discover what version of Plugin Manager is installed on a Digi Smart Energy Gateway


Plugin Manager is the "Driver of drivers" where the Digi Smart Energy (SE) Framework is concerned. The reason for this is that the Plugin Manager "driver" is required to install any other SE Framework plugin drivers on the Digi Smart Energy gateways, but it isn't a plugin driver itself, its actually a loadable module which allows the SE Framework plugin drivers to be installed.

Is the SE Framework Plugin Manager installed?

Due to Plugin Manager being a module (not a plugin driver), the Plugin Interface's list_plugins command won't tell you what version of Plugin Manager is installed. The presence of the list_plugins command at all does verify that Plugin Manager is installed however, since the Plugin Interface is the front end to the Plugin Manager itself. Plugin Interface is where the list_plugins command is found, so we'll need a different command to find out what version of Plugin Manager is installed. For that, we need to query the module itself using the SE Framework get_version command.

Finding the Plugin Manager version with get_version

The command used to query the version of the Plugin Manager is basically the same command used to find out the version of the SE Framework software itself, but with a slight modification.  In  this case, we want' to query the version of the Plugin Manager module (rather than the SE Framework) as follows:


<get_version synchronous="true">
  <module_name type="string">plugin_manager</module_name>


<get_version_response timestamp="1434728638">
  <module_name type="string">plugin_manager</module_name>
  <version type="string"></version>

Next Steps:

If you need to update your Plugin Manager (or any of the other SE Framework plugin drivers), the links for both the X2 and X2e Gateways are found below (along with the SE Framework documentation page):

ConnectPort X2 for Smart Energy SE Framework Plugin Driver page
ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy SE Framework Plugin Driver page

SE Framework Documentation Page

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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