How to reset/erase the Digi Remote Manager certificate on devices running DAL firmware 22.2 or newer

This article will describe the specific situations related to the new certificate usage, in which a device running DAL firmware or newer might not be able to connect to Digi Remote Manager anymore and how to recover from it.


Issue Description

The certificate might have been purposedly removed/reset on a device in the following situations:

- Manually deleted the certificate under /etc/config/certs/x.drm.pem
- Use the reset button twice during the factory reset procedure (see user guide for the corresponding device)
- Downgrade to firmware prior to 22.2

In case of a device showing the symptoms without any of the actions above performed, we advise of caution before resolving the connectivity. Doing the necessary security checks to ensure the device has not been compromised is suggested before resuming the Digi Remote Manager connection.

When any of the above happens, the issue will present itself in two ways.

1) On the device by showing the following in the logs:

2) On Digi Remote Manager by showing the following in the device details:


Issue recovery

To recover from the issue and the connection to Digi Remote Manager, the following options are available.

1) Under the device details, click on the "Reset Device Certificate" link:

Then click on the "Reset Device Certificate" button:

2) Click on the "Reset Device Certificate" button under the "action" button when selecting one or multiple devices in the Device section:

3) Use the API Explorer to send the following API call to reset a device certificate:

- Click on API Explorer

- Select PUT as the HTTP method

- Type the following as the url but change {device_ID} to the actual device ID found on the device details page or web interface starting with 00000000-00000000-0xxxxFF-FFxxxxxxx


Type the following as the Body content:


The device will now reconnect within a few seconds/minutes.

Last updated: Dec 08, 2023

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