How to switch to Anywhere USB Manager Service Mode when installed as stand-alone using CLI

One of the first steps of getting started with Anywhere USB Plus products, is to install the Anywhere USB Manager software. The best practice is to determine which Installation mode is more suitable, as explained here: Step 2: Determine how to run AnywhereUSB Manager: Service or stand-alone.

In case the software is installed as stand-alone but service Mode is needed, the Service mode can be installed quickly using the Anywhere USB Manager CLI.

To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Close the Anywhere USB manager if opened (if running in background, right click on the AWUSB Manager icon in the taskbar and select Exit:
  2. From the Windows Start menu, type cmd to open a command prompt.  Note: You must run the command prompt as an Administrator in order to be able to perform the following command, and once in service, to be able to run the client Manager to configure the service.
  3. Type the command: awusbmanager.exe /i. A confirmation message will show up indicating that the Service has been installed:
  4.  Open the AWUSB Manager and see that is now in Service mode:
  5. The Digi Anywhere USB Manager will also be displayed in the Window Services:

More details on how to use Anywhere USB Manager via the CLI are explained in the User Guide:  Configure the AnywhereUSB Manager from the command line

Note: Standalone and Service mode will have separate configurations, so once switched, you would need to check again the Anywhere USB Manager configuration (Client ID, etc). For this reason, it is generally recommended to determine upfront which mode is needed.

To uninstall the service and return the Anywhere USB Manager to Standalone mode, type the command: awusbmanager.exe /u

Last updated: May 06, 2024

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