Packet Size by Product

Packet Size by Product

This article is designed to help you determine the maximum data packet size you can send in an RF transmission. UART buffer sizes are also included.
RadioMaximum RF packetUART BufferRF BufferMax. Fragmentation packet
XBee 802.15.4 (S1)100 bytes255 bytesup to 2 indirect packetsn/a
XBee 802.15.4 (S2C)100 bytes up to 5 indirect packetsn/a
XBee ZB (S2, S2B)84 bytes up to four indirect packetsup to 255 bytes
XBee ZB (S2C)84 bytesTX buffer 153
RX buffer 140
up to four indirect packetsup to 255 bytes
XBee Digi Mesh 2.4 (S1)84 bytes   
XBee Digi Mesh 900256 bytes   
XBee Digi Mesh 900 HP (S3B)256 bytes   
XBee Digi Mesh 868 LP256 bytes   
XBee PRO SX256 bytes*  
* Note: This product is firmware dependent on what the size is. As such it is recommended that you use the NP command and add in the API headers bytes to determine the maximum buffer size.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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