Secure web page connection and display are very slow on NET+OS


You've created a NET+OS application that includes the secure web server component (AWS plus SSL/TLS). You find that when you first surf to your device's web page, the SSL/TLS handshaking takes minutes to complete. Once you get through the SSL/TLS handshaking, the time to display any page is also very slow.


We found code in the SSL library that included some unnecessary delays. The delays were adding no value and unnecessarily delaying the handshaking and the page display process. These delays have been removed.


Install the latest SSL library package through the package manager. We have found a number of customers that are now satisfied with NET+OS's SSL/TLS performance. 


Please be mindful that the performance of the secure web server (including SSL/TLS) will never be the same as the insecure (without SSL/TLS).
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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