Technical Support RMA Authorization requirements

RMA requests must be submitted to Digi Technical Support and are either Authorized or Unauthorized.

Unauthorized RMA requests are subject to potential NPF (No Problems Found) fees, i.e. if hardware diagnostic tests are passed and it's therefore determined that there are no apparent hardware-caused issues with the device(s).

To avoid any potential NPF fees, RMA requests must be Authorized.  To obtain Authorization, please provide Digi Technical Support with details of the issue along with what troubleshooting steps were done to conclude that the hardware must be defective.  The more details, the better.

NOTE:  With respect to Digi devices that do not power up, ensure that the power adapter is not the cause of the issue, e.g. by trying another similar "known working" power adapter, and/or trying the power adapter with a different (same model) Digi device to ensure that it powers on.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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