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What alert mechanisms does Watchport Manager offer?

What alert mechanisms does Watchport Manager offer, for notification of Watchport Sensors being triggered?

NOTE:  Watchport Manager is no longer supported and is provided "as is".  This information is provided as a courtesy for legacy applications.

1. E-Mail alert
An e-mail is sent to one or more e-mail addresses, using a built-in SMTP or MAPI e-mail client. The e-mail alert message has the option of including the sensor reading, time and date of the sensor reading as well as the sensor name and type that generated the alert.
NOTE: The most popular way to send alerts from the Watchport Manager is by sending an email to a cell phone number.  The cell phone must have the ability to receive email and text messaging and the user must know the email address for their cell phone.  A cell phone''''s email address usually starts with the phone number and the domain is carrier specific.
(WARNING: The user may also be charged for text messages sent to their phone, so they need to check with their carriers if they have any questions regarding funcitonality and cost.  For mobile phone users that cannot receive text or email messages but have Caller ID, you can use the "Dial Phone" paging option in the Watchport Manager.  This option is explained below in the section "Phone Call alert". )
2. Pager alert
Using a modem and dedicated telephone line, Watchport Manager dials a given pager number, then sends either the sensor reading or a user-set number sequence to a pager.
If you have a traditional numeric page, you can have the Watchport Manager send a numeric message or the current reading of the sensor which triggered the alert to the pager.
3. Phone Call alert
Using a modem and dedicated phone line, Watchport Manager dials a given phone number then hangs up. This alert method is intended to be used in conjunction with a phone that has Caller ID service (i.e. most mobile phones). This way, the notified person knows ahead of time that a phone call from the dedicated line means a sensor alert has been triggered.
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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