XBee Cellular and Linux Modem manager

This article will provide the steps needed to utilize the XBee Cellular module with Linux and Linux Modem Manager.


Items used in this article:

XBee LTE CAT 1 AT&T XBee module

Interface board that provides access to both the COM port and the USB direct functions.


First connect the XBee to the board and the PC

Load all drivers needed for your board to be seen by Linux

Install the Linux based version of XCTU


Launch XCTU and discover the XBee module

Using the Configuration tab of XCTU, set the baud rate to 57600, set the AP command to 5 (Bypass mode) and set P1 to 7 (USB Direct).

Go to the Consoled  mode of XCTU and enter command mode:



Once in command mode indicated by the ok, issue the software reset command




Once this has occurred, close out of XCTU and reboot the PC

Once back in Linux, Launch the Modem Manager

On the Devices tab, the Telit LE866A should be listed

Click on the Scan tab and when it asks if you want to active the modem, click ok yes

At this point, the modem is active but not usable yet.


From there go to the Network Connections and add a new Mobile Broadband connection making sure to enter in the proper settings for your SIM card.


Once the connection is added, you can activate the connection.  Just remember that Modem manager uses the default baud rate of 57,600bps.

Last updated: Jul 17, 2018

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