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Note:@ Digi Connect IT serial ports and serial cable length of run: The RS232 standard requires support for baud rates up to 9600 baud on shielded multicore cable up to 50 feet (15 meters) long. F... Jan 15, 2020
Please see the ME recovery guide for this: case you don't have a Digi development board to perform the recovery ... Jul 06, 2017
Symptom: I am trying to connect a modem to my PortServer product with the RJ45-DB25 cable that came with the PortServer or PortServer II, and it is not working. @@Cause:The RJ45-DB25 cable ship... Jul 06, 2017
Overview Many Digi products contain and use the RomPager by Allegrosoft web server technology. It has come to our attention that this embedded web server, which is used for management of our devic... Jul 06, 2017
A maximum of 20 RealPort host connections may be established with a single PortServer TS unit concurrently.The EtherLite 8, allows 6 connections, the EtherLite 16 and 32 port units will allow a max... Jul 06, 2017
Any 3G sim card should be able to be used in the TransPort LTE (Muli Carrier) models and get a mobile ip address from the Cellular carrier. This will only allow a 3G connection on the LTE model.T... Jul 06, 2017
Most network devices such as routers, switches, and servers offer EIA-232 serial port(s) for management. Typically you would hook up a modem, dumb terminal, or PC running a terminal emulation progr... Jul 06, 2017
the WiMEs transmit power is 16 dBm and we ship the module with a 2 dBm dipole antenna.@ We draw a maximum of 400 mA .@ This is documented in our product specification sheet: Jul 06, 2017
This article will describe how to mount the Digi Connect ME or WiME onto a customers product with proper grounding. The following text below is Digi''''s best practice for grounding the ME or WiME.... Jul 06, 2017
SACK Vulnerability Patch Status for affected Digi products @Product Family/ProductVersion fix is included inEstimated Release DateCellularDigi IX1419.8Aug, 2019Digi EX1519.8Aug, 2019Digi LR544.8Ju... Jul 16, 2019
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