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Customers using Digi Connect ME 9210 with FIM CAN or ConnectCore 9P9215 with FIM CAN an Digi Embedded Linux DEL-5.7.2 having issues with timings not matching or wrong baudrate settings, as well as ... Jul 06, 2017
1. Create a default FULL Project in DEL , build and update these images onto target (eg: ccwmx51).2. Connect to serial console of target.3. By default you will be having a user 'default' UID:1000 w... Jul 06, 2017
Check RealPort Profile:All ports used with the RealPort driver require the RealPort profile setting on the ports in order to respond reliably. To configure the appropriate profile@use the following... Jul 06, 2017
XEB09-C (Indoor) The XEB09-C has a linear regulator inside that supplies power to the circuitry. The normal recommended input voltage is 4.5-9.0 VDC only. To use voltages outside the recommendat... Jul 06, 2017
Introduction: If you have a modem or loopback plug, you can verify that the Digi ports are functioning by downloading TTY.exe to test the ports. @Try using one of the following methods to troubles... Jul 06, 2017
@@Digi International Security Notice@Digi International Security NoticeCVE-2019-11477CVE-2019-11478CVE-2019-5599CVE-2019-11479@June 25th, 2019@OverviewThe purpose of this notice is to inform our cu... Jul 09, 2019
Q:@ How do I determine if my modem is causing the problem?A: @A very good way of troubleshooting a possible modem problem is by removing the modem from the picture completely. Connect a terminal or... Jul 06, 2017
By default, an EtherLite® Unit will accept a connection from any host with the appropriate driver. However, it is possible to restrict access to a few specific IP addresses and/or by hosts... Jul 06, 2017
When troubleshooting a Digi EtherLite, one of the key indicators of the@EtherLite's status are the LEDs on the unit's front panel.The LINK@LED is an indicator of whether or not the EtherLite@has a ... Jul 06, 2017
Please be sure to remove any old versions of RealPort prior to installing a new version. The driver removal steps are below.Basic IP parameters must be set up before the PortServer will operate on ... Jul 06, 2017
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