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Problem:@@ @ A customer asked whether any or all of the following tests were performed on the Digi Connect ME:@@ @EN 61000-4-2@@ @EN 61000-4-3@@ @EN 61000-4-6@@ @EN 55024Analysis:@@ @First off what... Jul 06, 2017
Question: Does the Digi Connect ME 9210@module need to have a JTAG port for the serial connection to work? The production version @does not have a JTAG port.Answer:No, the primary serial port is av... Jul 06, 2017
The Digi Connect ME embedded module was designed for use in no clean flux wave soldering processes. Reflow soldering is not recommended.The product is not designed to support draining after a water... Jul 06, 2017
Unfortunately Digi Connect ME 9210 development kits for Linux: DC-ME-9210-LX are still delivered with old DVD with Digi Embedded Linux DEL-5.2.In order to avoid starting your development with and L... Jul 06, 2017
As of the NET+OS 6.3 release there is no specific platform this version of the Connect ME. There a couple of approaches, however, one can take to supporting this platform. When working with N... Jul 06, 2017
The NS9210 CPU used in Digi Connect ME 9210 modules has a hardware register SYS_CLOCK, to change the CPU frequency during run time in order to save power or improve processing performance.Digi does... Jul 06, 2017
When I update partitions from U-Boot on Digi Connect ME 9210, e.g.:CME9210# update linuxTFTP from server xxx; our IP address is xxxFilename 'uImage-cme9210js'.Load address: 0x200000Loading: #######... Jul 06, 2017
DC-ME-01T-C Connect ME (ARM7) with 2MByte flash for NET+OS firmware is delivered since years with an old NET+OS 6.x firmware which enables customers to upload their own firmware image.bin via FTP. ... Jan 29, 2020
Since 2012 September, shipping Digi Connect ME 4MB modules@(DC-ME4-01T-C) might have an updated flash chip, Micron M29DW323DB, which is@not supported by the old linux kernel 2.4.22 flash driver. Pr... Jul 06, 2017
To enable the second serial port you must enable it in the kernel configuration (make xconfig). And do additional kernel config changes: 1. In "Character devices" set "n" the option in "Disable CO... Jul 06, 2017
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