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Here is where you can find the newest CT part numbers: Jul 06, 2017
The Digi Connect Tank @will only work with the Digi Remote Manager cloud solution (formally called Digi Device Cloud). @3rd party device clouds won't work with the Connect Tank. Jul 06, 2017
The Connect Tank comes with a built-in sensor and the programming to send information from the sensor to Device Cloud. @It has a cellular and GPS antenna built-in. @It can be configured to send ala... Jul 06, 2017
Prerequisites@1)@ TeraTerm must be installed on the PC before starting.@ Other terminal emulators that support YMODEM file transfers may be compatible, but will not be covered in this article.@2) @... Jul 06, 2017
The 'ser' variable, under Data Streams in Device Cloud, stands for Sensor State Error.@@This variable can have@two states:0 — sensor error1 — no errorSo what would cause it to go to 0?The 'ser' dat... Jul 06, 2017
This article explains how to add your Digi device to the Digi Device Cloud.@This article assumes that you have already set up your device to connect to the Device Cloud and that you have a Device C... Jul 06, 2017