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Beginning with Transport firmware v5.2.14.5, the Device Discovery (ADDP) Service, which is required for the Device Discovery Utility to work, is disabled by default for security reasons.NOTE:@ If u... Jul 06, 2017
ADDP uses udp port 2362 and a mulicast ip address of You will need to enable these on your firewall for the ADDP protocol to work for the device discovery utility. Jul 06, 2017
INTRODUCTION This document contains a list of tips that will help people through the trouble of detecting most Digi Ethernet or Wi-Fi devices. Some examples are the Digi Connect ME, EM, SP, WiME,... Jul 06, 2017
The Digi Device Discovery Tool will figure out what it believes to be your Network Adapters IP Address and Submask, and if a Digi Unit on the network reports back with an IP address that does not s... Jul 06, 2017
This behavior is due to a security enhancement that was introduced in the v1.38 firmware for 2nd generation AnywhereUSBs. By 2nd generation models, we are referring to all models other than the leg... Jul 06, 2017
Whether@due to a network problem, or the lack of a DHCP server on the local network to hand out IP addresses, the device is unable to obtain an IP address.@ As a result, the device will time out it... Jul 06, 2017
Background:First, it's important to note that the host computer initiates the connection to the AnywhereUSB, not the other way around.Typical AnywhereUSB installations are in LAN environments, e.g.... Jul 06, 2017
1. Download the latest version of UltraVNC Server from@ and be sure to select the appropriate version (X86 32-bit, or X64 64-bit), depending on the Operat... Jul 06, 2017
As of the time of this writing, under TransPort firmware v5.2.14.5, the Network Services listed below are available on TransPort WR models.From the TransPort's web interface, navigate to@Configurat... Jul 06, 2017
The Digi AnywhereUSB@ products have been manufactured for over 15 years and have reached their end of life.@ The AnywhereUSB Plus@ family of USB over IP Remote Hubs are newer products which are sim... Nov 22, 2019
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