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Digi@ IX14 routers can have different variants of Telit LE910 model inside, depending on the region where they can be used and bands/speed/technology supported. In order to determine which specifi... Apr 03, 2020
A few questions to help work through the cellular connection issues you are experiencing: Who is your provider?What is the APN for your SIM?@ If you do not know it, please contact your provider.Pl... Nov 13, 2019
SACK Vulnerability Patch Status for affected Digi products @Product Family/ProductVersion fix is included inEstimated Release DateCellularDigi IX1419.8Aug, 2019Digi EX1519.8Aug, 2019Digi LR544.8Ju... Jul 16, 2019
Below is the current list of Digi products with their respective capabilities to Unique password as well as support for Remote Manager. List of products where a unique password is required to logi... Jul 22, 2019
Below is a list of methods to locate the type of cellular radio that is installed within your DAL device:Physical CORE Radio (if applicable) Top line of the device @aView Under Cellular Details,... Feb 19, 2020
@@Digi International Security Notice@Digi International Security NoticeCVE-2019-11477CVE-2019-11478CVE-2019-5599CVE-2019-11479@June 25th, 2019@OverviewThe purpose of this notice is to inform our cu... Jul 09, 2019
Why move all devices to Digi Remote Manager by default? As part of unifying all Digi devices to a common central management portal, the commercial aView portal will be@phased in late 2021.@ In the... May 06, 2020