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If you have a newer model (from spring 2004) you can. The older models did not support the 11-bit async char used by Modbus/RTU and DF1 (meaning 8-data bits plus parity)To tell which modem you have... Jul 06, 2017
1. Is the equipment set up properly?A.@ If power is detected on the Digi One IA/IAP Device, you should see a green power LED on the front LED panel. @@@@@@@@@ @ Please Note: The power supply used o... Jul 06, 2017
Device Does Not Boot UpReset the Digi Device/Terminal Server back to factory defaults and try again.@ All of the devices have a reset button.@ You will need to power cycle the Digi Device/Terminal ... Jul 06, 2017
A port profile allows you to easily configure a serial port based on how you intend to use that port. Only the configuration settings relevant to the current profile are displayed in the profile se... Jul 06, 2017