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No, the Digi One IAP does not support unsolicited mode. The PLC will need to poll the Digi One IAP's buffers for the data. Jul 06, 2017
The Digi One IAP can have the post and firmware installed using the web interface of the Digi One IAP.After installing the post, the One IAP has to be rebooted.@@ Then install the IAP EOS firmware ... Jul 06, 2017
Digi One IA is not Allen Bradley/Rockwell, and Modbus protocol aware. It simply has a form factor that allows it to be connected to a top hat din rail. Webui: The Digi One IAP is Allen Bradley/... Jul 06, 2017
For a 2-wire RS-485 configuration, use one of the positive screw terminals (pin 6 or 3) and one of the negative screw terminals (pin 7 or 4). @The choice is yours, for example, pins 6@7, 6@4, 3@7, ... Jul 17, 2017
You'll find the following 5 files in the ZIP:PN:90000637_A ZIP of ODVA EDS files for Digi One IAP DigiOne_IA_RP_v1_1.eds (for older single-port DOIARP firmware "D1") DigiOne_IAP1_v2_1.e... Jul 06, 2017
The torque specification for the two screw terminal blocks 76000650 @ 76000651 are 2 -2.2 in-lbs, or 0.22 @ 0.25 Nm. @ Jul 06, 2017
@@@@@@ @@@@ There are 2 methods which can be used to factory reset these devices, the web interface or by using the reset button on the unit.Web Interface Instructions:@ @ @ @ @ @@ Access the ... Jul 06, 2017
For SSH version 2 public key authentication support on the Portserver TS, TS MEI, and Digi One IAP products, DSA public keys are supported, RSA public keys are not. Jul 06, 2017
See the full application note here: This application note explains how to set up 2 DF1 devices on the Digi One IAP and o... Jul 06, 2017
You will need to install the RealPort driver.The ControlLogix PLC uses CIP instead of PCCC like SLC and MicroLogix PLC's use Jul 06, 2017
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