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NOTE: This article only applies to Digi TransPort WR21 models fitted with the MC7354 cellular module, and a SMA GPS antenna connector populated on the device. Firmware revision or higher i... Jul 06, 2017
A few questions to help work through the cellular connection issues you are experiencing on your Digi TransPort@: Who is your provider?What is the APN for your SIM?@ If you do not know it, please ... Nov 13, 2019
Having an issue in which your TransPort WR21 2-port, WR44, etc., does not respond on an Ethernet port? Check to see whether Port Isolation is enabled. You may need to be in Hub mode. To understand ... Jul 06, 2017
There is a physical reset button on the underside of most routers. @Holding this button in for 5 seconds, after the unit has been powered on, will@perform a factory reset on the router. @When the r... Jul 06, 2017
Here is a list of the videos uploaded to Youtube for Digi TransPort routers.@@Applies to WR11, WR21, WR31, WR41, WR44.Configuration @ setupInitial setup of a WR router@ @ @ Mar 28, 2018
@ @ @ @ @ @This article explains how to update the firmware on a Digi TransPort router using the Web interface. It applies only to Digi TransPort firmware versions 5.149 and later that include this... Jul 06, 2017
This document describes how to troubleshoot IP Port Forwarding (AKA Port Redirection) set up on a TransPort@ (SarOS) device which forward specific incoming ports from the cellular interface onto de... Dec 27, 2019
The part number (known as a SKU of a Digi TransPort router has a modular format.Format of a Digi TransPort SKUDigi TransPort SKUs have the following... Jul 06, 2017
This document will outline the steps required to upgrade the firmware of a Telit cellular module in a Digi TransPort@ router. Two methods are available : Over-The-Air (OTA) or Manual. Both mehods ... Apr 28, 2020
Digi recommends that all customers update their firmware to version or higher to protect against the 3 following high severity vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities exist within the FTP server... Oct 13, 2017
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