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From time to time, Technical Support will be asked "Which Digi XBee module is compatible with xxx".This article is to help answer that question. Starting with the protocols, any Zigbee, ZB product,... Feb 08, 2019
ZigBee firmware revision history for the XBee/XBee-PRO radio modems. 10/25/2007 - MaxStream/Digi is canceling the ZigBee Beta firmware offering for our XBee/XBee-PRO Series 1 modules. Due to some ... Jul 06, 2017
XBee ZigBee (Series 2) Firmware Identification XBee ZigBee firmware version numbers will have 4 significant digits. All numbers are hexadecimal and can have a range from 0-F. A version can be ... Jul 06, 2017
First lets described what a Programmable XBee module is and how to determine if you have one. A Programmable XBee is an XBee module that has an additional HCS08 FreeScale 8 bit microprocessor on b... Jul 06, 2017
There were some significant changes in functionality of the XStream firmware from version 4.25 to 4.29. Here are some of the changes that might affect compatibility:ChangeBenefitTime to execute ATW... Jul 06, 2017
XBee radios have multiple I/O lines that can be used to gather Digital or Analog data, then transmit that data to another XBee for interpretation. Because sample data is always provided in an API f... Jul 06, 2017