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Default size of Inbound and Outbound Message Queue is 64KOne SCO message of Digi M10 can have size atmost 1024 bytes, wherein ORBCOMM supports upto 8192 bytesGlobalGram and reports size are same as... Jul 06, 2017
You might be using old version of Dashboard and you have an old firmware on M10. Use C:\Program Files\Digi\Digi m10 JumpStart Kit\tools\m10UpgradeUtility.exe tool in your PC to upgrade modem f... Jul 06, 2017
You are getting this mesage because a system command from ORBCOMM satellite has disabled your M10.To enable your Transmitter you need to have a valid subscription from ORBCOMM.For Digi M10 JSK cust... Jul 06, 2017
The Digi m10 Satellite Modem can be incorporated in Select Solder or Wave Solder processes. Select Solder – No specific fixtures are needed, cycle time slower than wave solder Wave Solder - No-c... Jul 06, 2017