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The following serial keys are for Dynamic C 9.21:5993K-2NM-1C12SH3,DynamicC_9211K94W-2H3-1583AE3,DynamicC_9216H95L-2V3-1S27EC5,DynamicC_9214L969-2PS-1U76SU5,DynamicC_9216U94C-2AL-1H68WP7,DynamicC_921 Jul 06, 2017
Regarding the RST 38@error, RST@38@is not used by Dynamic C. The opcode for a@RST@38@is 0xFF which is the same as an erased portion of the flash. What is probably happening is that somehow your pro... Jul 06, 2017
Digi has not made a newer Rabbit board that is designed specifically for low power consumption but it is possible to shut down various parts of the board with software functions in Dynamic C. @Ther... Jul 06, 2017
Note: This information is general to the Rabbit 4000 and certain pins may not be available on your product.The first thing I want to do is to point you to our Rabbit 4000 Processor Easy Reference P... Jul 06, 2017
You could use:microSD | RCM6700PB0 ---------- SCKDI ----------- PC4DO ---------- PC5CS ---------- PE6We recommend that our customers should use RCM_43XX_BIOS.LIB's SPI and SD-related definitions an... Jul 06, 2017
There is an alternative in Dynamic C 10.72. @Basically, look at coprocess.lib. @There are 3 functions: cop_create(), cop_yield(), cop_resume(). @The initial process (main)@will create necessary cop... Jul 06, 2017
U-Boot autoscript feature is described in /usr/local/DigiEL-5.2/docs/Software/U-Boot_Reference_Manual.pdf Revision H in section 6. However when using this for production, it does not allow to run @... Jul 06, 2017
KRACK Patch Status for affected Digi products@ Product Family/ProductPatch statusLocation of PatchCellularDigi Transport WR41November, 2017 Dec 05, 2017
See the following information. @This gives an example of adding an external SD card to an RCM4400W:@Custom ConfigurationsThe configuration library fat_config.lib is brought in when fat.lib is #use’... Jul 06, 2017