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A maximum of 20 RealPort host connections may be established with a single PortServer TS unit concurrently.The EtherLite 8, allows 6 connections, the EtherLite 16 and 32 port units will allow a max... Jul 06, 2017
To send break to Solaris server, you would need to use key sequence or send break option of a terminal emulation application you are using (e.g ''''cu'''' send break character is ~%break). Jul 06, 2017
When troubleshooting a Digi EtherLite, one of the key indicators of the@EtherLite's status are the LEDs on the unit's front panel.The LINK@LED is an indicator of whether or not the EtherLite@has a ... Jul 06, 2017
Installing RealPort on an AIX system involves the creation of a service adapter, upon which psuedo-ttys or lps are created for use by serial devices. The name of this service adapter follows the AI... Jul 06, 2017
By default, an EtherLite® Unit will accept a connection from any host with the appropriate driver. However, it is possible to restrict access to a few specific IP addresses and/or by hosts... Jul 06, 2017
Table of ContentsNotes on the 422/485 implementation on the EtherLite 162, EtherLite 2 EIA-422, and the (discontinued) SCSI 1622.RS-232 DTE vs DCE definitions.RS-232 signal definitions and uses.RS-... Jul 06, 2017
Introduction: This solution comes in handy if you@re migrating already installed Digi Terminal or Device Servers such as the Porserver TS line, Portserver II, Digi One, or Etherlite to a new netwo... Jul 06, 2017
Consoling Sun machines with our products.The Problem When a serial device such as a terminal server, PC, or even a dumb terminal is used to "console" a Sun machine, the Sun machine will "halt" and... Jul 06, 2017
The purpose of this document is to give administrators of various Unix operating systems an idea of just how many Realport devices they can have per server running the Digi Realport driver. It is a... Jul 06, 2017