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The max voltage at the IO pins cannot exceed the supply voltage (3.3V +/-5%) without additional current protection. Jul 06, 2017
PB0 is used for the serial flash on the RCM5700 and should not be used for GPIO.@ This is in the manual, page 31.@ PB1 is used as the clock for the programming port and cannot be used during debug.... Jul 06, 2017
The MAX baud rate is 115,200 for the RCM5700, the bit rate is eight to ten times that. We typically don’t publish those numbers because it depends on data bits, stop bits, etc. Jul 06, 2017
The RCM5700/RCM6700 requires a regulated 3.15 V – 3.45 V DC power source. The MiniCore design presumes that the voltage regulator is on the user board, and that the power is made available to the R... Jul 06, 2017