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Dynamic C only supports SNMP V1. @We have no support for SNMP V2 or V3. @ Details on the Dynamic C SNMP driver are in volume 2 of the TCPIP User Manual at this link@http://www.digi.com/support/prod... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/do-any-rabbit-boards-support-snmp-v2-or-v3 Jul 06, 2017
You will need to@run the latest version of Dynamic C 10.72 in order to use 2GB SD cards in Rabbit products.@ Older versions than DC10.64@are only capable of 1GB capacity SD cards.@We have no plans ... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/2gb-limit-on-rabbit-sd-cards Jul 06, 2017
Option 1: Less hardware development@BL4S200 (or BL4S210 depending on the type of Ethernet and memory they require)20-101-1220 BL4S200101-1270 BL4S200 tool kithttp://www.digi.com/products/wirele... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/migration-from-op7100-to-newer-rabbit-solution Jul 06, 2017
The easiest way to install the correct driver is to have the Rabbit board attached to your PC with the programming cable and apply power before installing Dynamic C.@ This will override the default... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/how-do-i-install-the-correct-usb-drivers-for-dynam Jul 06, 2017
Digi has not made a newer Rabbit board that is designed specifically for low power consumption but it is possible to shut down various parts of the board with software functions in Dynamic C. @Ther... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/are-there-newer-low-power-rabbit-boards-than-the-l Jul 06, 2017
Essentially, what you are asking is if you can clone a board. @For cloning to work you need a cloning board available from Digi at this link@http://store.digi.com/index.cfm?currentpage=2@fuseaction... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/how-can-i-copy-the-program-from-one-rabbit-module Jul 06, 2017
Rabbit ProductDynamic C versionRFU BL1800 6.04b NA @ 6.53-6.57 1.0 RCM2100 7.04P 2.0 RCM2200 7.04T2 2.0 BL2000 7.04P3 2.0 ... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/dynamic-c-version-for-product-release Jul 06, 2017
The following is from an Ask Larry article:@ Let me first say to please keep in mind that the Rabbit processors do not have any internal program memory. Because of this, anyone who has physical ac... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/how-can-i-protect-my-code-once-i-transfer-it-to-th Jul 06, 2017
We have a patch for the HDLC_packet.lib on our website. This patch adds support for Rabbit 4000 to Rabbit 6000 boards. This patch is for Dynamic C 10.72. Here is the link http://www.digi.com/sup... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/i-cannot-get-hdlc-working-on-my-rcm6700 Jul 06, 2017
There is an alternative in Dynamic C 10.72. @Basically, look at coprocess.lib. @There are 3 functions: cop_create(), cop_yield(), cop_resume(). @The initial process (main)@will create necessary cop... https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/what-can-i-use-instead-of-ucos-ii-in-my-rabbit-pro Jul 06, 2017
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